The UK Opportunity

Heating and hot water, for domestic and commercial use, make up around 40% of the UK’s energy consumption and nearly a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions.

Meeting Net Zero The Committee on Climate Change stated that only decarbonisation of heating in the UK could deliver the major reduction in emissions needed to meet the 2050 target.

What 360 geothermal plants by 2050 means to the UK

  • 1999999

    Space heating – Equivalent heating for over 2 million homes

  • 10000

    Workforce Opportunities >10,000 direct jobs and >25,000 indirect jobs

  • 3600

    Heat >3,600MWth capacity (>15,000GWh per year)

  • 3

    Carbon Saving – Up to 3 megaton annual carbon saving

ARUP Report

REA & ARUP Deep Geothermal Energy Report

Economic Decarbonisation Opportunities for the United Kingdom.

The opportunity for the UK

  • Domestic solution provides security of supply

  • 360 projects could be delivered in the next 30 years

  • Delivering 15,000GWhrs / annum by 2050

  • 3.6M tonnes of CO2 savings