GT Energy is a British company spearheading the generation of geothermal heat in the UK

GT Energy is a British company leading the way in the generation of geothermal heat, a clean and sustainable energy source from deep beneath the ground. We are part of IGas Energy plc. Using years of expertise from oil and gas production we are using our experience to access geothermal heat across the UK. These skills are directly transferable, in particular exploration, planning and well design and drilling. As the transition from fossil fuels gathers pace, it will be vital to expand the number of highly skilled, sustainable jobs. Geothermal energy can offer part of the long-term solution to this challenge.

What We Do

Providing an ideal solution to the urban deployment of renewable energy

Our aim is to design, build, finance, own and operate geothermal plants, providing low carbon heat directly to customers or via heat networks through long term contracts across the UK and elsewhere.

What is Geothermal?

Geothermal energy is a home-grown, nationally secure, low-carbon and green alternative to conventional heating and power generation.

Our Partners

Collaborating in clean energy

GT Energy is partnered with technical experts to maximise lessons from projects across Europe and around the World. On some projects, we work with commercial partners to deliver heat networks as part of an integrated project, and with a wide cross-section of industry experts to seek continued Government support for this rapidly growing, proven, technology.