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    Geothermal Energy

    A green energy solution for the decarbonisation of heat. Geothermal energy is a natural form of renewable energy generated from the heat in the earth’s core.

    Its development can help the UK meet net zero and deliver a green economic recovery.

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According to Durham University

There is enough geothermal energy in the UK to meet the country’s annual heating demand for at least a century.

Pioneering UK Geothermal

About us

GT Energy is a British company leading the way in the generation of geothermal heat, a clean and sustainable energy source from deep beneath the ground. Our aim is to design, build, finance, own and operate geothermal plants, providing low carbon heat directly to customers or via heat networks through long term contracts across the UK and elsewhere.

We are part of IGas Energy plc. Using years of expertise from oil and gas production we are using our experience to access geothermal heat across the United Kingdom.

How it works

Unlocking the potential of the heat beneath our feet

A pair of wells (known as a doublet) up to 5km deep are drilled into underground reservoirs containing brine (very salty, undrinkable, water). Because they are deep underground (and closer to the earth’s molten core) they are warmer than the surface. In the UK, at this depth, the temperature might be as much as 120°C or even higher. One of the wells is used to tap into the geothermal resource by pumping the hot water to the surface where the heat is transferred to the surface system through a heat exchanger. The brine is then returned to the reservoir through the second well.

The water in the surface system, after being heated by passing through the heat exchanger, can be utilised for a district heating network or for directly connecting to other customers networks.

More on geothermal energy

  • “Only the decarbonisation of heat in the UK could deliver the major reduction in emissions needed to meet the 2050 net zero target” – Committee on Climate Change

  • ARUP Report – “By delivering on average 12 heat projects per year over the next three decades, the UK could expect to generate up to 15,000 GWh of heat from geothermal annually by 2050”

  • European Commission estimates it is suggested geothermal systems have an estimated lifetime of 100-300 years

ARUP Report

REA & ARUP Deep Geothermal Energy Report

Economic Decarbonisation Opportunities for the United Kingdom.