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Heating towns and cities

Geothermal heat generation is ideally suited to city-centre locations. Geothermal heat plants produce little or no emissions and can be placed in public parks and close to schools. They are unobtrusive and safe for both the environment and the public.   

By providing heat close to the source, geothermal energy is ideal for:

  • Heating universities, hospitals and large office blocks
  • Providing heat to district heating systems
  • Use in horticulture, aquaculture and cooling processes

A decentralised solution

Deep geothermal heat is compatible with both centralised and distributed energy generation. However, district heating systems provide many benefits over large centralised stations. They improve heat efficiency and democratise energy by giving users more control over their heating needs.

Did you know?

A geothermal district heating system has been in operation since 1986 in Southampton.

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