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Project overview


GT Energy is seeking to develop a geothermal heat plant on Devonshire Street in Ardwick, Manchester.  The project will be one of the first of its type in the UK and will put Manchester at the forefront of low carbon community heating schemes.

The heat plant would be located on a site on Devonshire Street. Two deep wells to an approximate depth of 3,000m will be drilled, providing access to potentially one of the UK’s largest geothermal resources, the Cheshire Basin.  

GT Energy is being supported by E.ON to develop one of the UK’s largest geothermal heat generation and distribution offerings in at Manchester, and aim to;

  • Deliver long term sustainable energy to private customers, public bodies, hospitals and universities.
  • Build on an already established reputation for quality project delivery.
  • Help fight the impact of risingfuel prices on the fuel poor.

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The Project >>

Why Manchester?

GT Energy commissioned a study in 2008, into the geothermal potential of the Cheshire Basin in Manchester. The report highlighted the presence of a significant geothermal resource beneath Manchester.

In 2012, SKM Consultants carried out a geothermal resource assessment of the UK. In their report they identified the Cheshire Basin as having a significant geothermal resource, equivalent to the heating and hot water consumption of approximately 7 million homes.

Accessing this geothermal resource will deliver long term price stability and security of energy supply for homes and businesses in the area.

The Devonshire Street proposalWell head at Southampton

GT Energy are seeking to develop a geothermal heat plant at Devonshire Street in Ardwick. The proposed scheme has the potential to supply heat to an equivalent 8,000 homes. The geothermal energy centre will be underground so as to minimise any visual impact.  Only the access to the underground chamber will be visible on the surface.                                     

Drilling is expected to take approx. 6 months with an additional 6 months required to complete the construction of the energy centre and commence operation.


Heat distribution and customer connection

A programme to install the network will be developed to  run in parallel with the development of the geothermal facility and will aim to serve residents, businesses and public buildings in the area.

Benefits >>

The geothermal project at Devonshire Street has the potential to bring a host of benefits to the local community, for example:

  • Create a low carbon economic zone in Manchester and bring “green economy” skills and jobs

  • Reduced energy costs for connected end users

  • Potential to displace approximately 105,000MWh of gas per annum

  • Potential to reduce carbon emissions by 20,000tonnes per annum, which is the equivalent of removing just under 8,000 cars off British roads every year

  • Generate up to 80,000MWh of heat which is equal to the energy needs of around 6000 homes

  • Help Manchester City Council achieve its renewable energy targets and compliments it’s Heat Network strategy

  • Deliver long term price stability and security of energy supply for connected homes and businesses

  • Opportunity for its customers to optimise their building space, due to potential reduction in onsite plant requirements