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GT Energy plans to become the UK’s leading developer of geothermal heat. We supply the knowhow, expertise and tools to overcome concerns such as the security of energy supplies, climate change and EU renewable target issues.

At present there are few technologies capable of supplying large amounts of low carbon heat in urban locations. GT Energy will harness and deliver geothermal heat effectively in towns and cities using a decentralised renewable heating solution.

The UK has a significant geothermal energy resource with initial analysis highlighting a potential 7.1GW of geothermal heat capacity. 

We will:

  • Identify potential locations for geothermal heat generation and distribution
  • Secure and develop sites across the UK
  • Build plants for the distribution of geothermal heat
  • Work closely with local communities and local authorities in areas we work in
  • Deliver long-term sustainable heat to community heating schemes, private customers, public bodies, hospitals, utilities and universities

GT Energy expects to be the number one supplier of geothermal heat across the UK.

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