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GT Energy has established a leading team of geothermal experts. Our team can provide services to the private and public sector covering all stages of geothermal project development from project conceptual planning through to development.

Our team has over 50 years of geothermal experience and can handle all aspects of geothermal development from start to finish.

Desktop Geothermal Studies – a desktop feasibility study is used to assess the viability of harnessing geothermal energy resources in a given area.  These studies can be carried out at a regional of site specific scale and highlight what types of geothermal resources are available for a specific site.

Detailed Feasibility Studies – our experienced team can provide you with a detailed feasibility study for your project, including an in depth analysis of the geothermal resources available in your area along with the potential solutions for harnessing these based on analysing site specific demands.

Data Compilation And Model Development – historical data on the geological and geothermal resources of an area are compiled and analysed in conjunction with geophysical survey data results.  These provide the basis for building a 3D model of the underground and understanding accurately the location and potential solutions required for harnessing geothermal energy. 

Exploration Programme Design & Management – exploration and acquisition of new data is a key part of the geothermal development process.  This used to obtain high quality imagery of the subsurface and help engineers better understand where to drill geothermal resource boreholes.  The GT Energy team has extensive experience in the careful planning and design of these surveys with a proven track record of obtaining high quality data in challenging urban and remote environments.

Reservoir Selection & Well Design – upon completion of the high resolution 3D subsurface model, we can help in reservoir selection and development of early well path planning.  The GT Energy team has over 25 years experience in the completion detailed well design, including the drilling and testing programmes required to complete production and re-injection wells.  GT Energy can also help with the procurement process and the selection of suitable drilling contractors.

Planning, EIA, Regulation & Permitting – Planning and the development of and ES for geothermal projects require in depth knowledge of the drilling and testing of geothermal boreholes as well as the construction of the energy centre used in the operational stages.  GT Energy and its network of partners, work closely with local authorities and statutory consultees to ensure our clients obtain the most efficient service at this critical project milestone.  GT Energy has first-hand experience of permitting and licensing and can ensure that this is completed in the early development stages.

Project Management – Our team of experts can provide support to our clients with all aspects of project management. Typically we can provide this service through every project development phase from early assessment to the management of onsite contractors during exploration, drilling and construction.  Get in contact with us directly to find out how best our expert can help you with your project.

Business & Financial Planning – GT Energy have a wealth of experience in business planning and commercial modelling for geothermal district heating systems. We can help in undertaking desktop commercial feasibilities to establish if a project could be commercially viable in your area.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your particular needs. Please contact us to find out more.

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