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About GT Energy

What we do

GT Energy is leading the way in the generation of renewable heat in the UK. We identify, plan, develop, build, finance and operate deep geothermal heat generation plants. This heat is provided to customers and energy suppliers under long-term thermal purchase agreements.


GT Energy was set up in 2013 when managing director Padraig Hanly identified the growth of deep geothermal heat and electricity systems in Germany. At the time, Germany’s public policy was changed to support the development of those systems, resulting in a new and fast-growing industry.

GT Energy set about investigating the potential for deep geothermal energy projects with the ultimate aim of developing similar projects. We have benefited from ‘first-mover advantage’ in the geothermal energy sector and expect to bring further geothermal heat projects on line in the UK.

In bringing projects to a successful completion, we carry out geological surveys and feasibility studies, and design geothermal projects. As part of the process we apply for planning permission and licensing, obtain finance and communicate with stakeholders throughout the process.

Our decentralised generation solution is safe, environmentally friendly, affordable and sustainable, and provides a renewable source of heat for decades, if not centuries.

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